Thursday, July 1, 2010

The love. It cannot be held back.

Ok, first of all, go look at this. Not only is Franklin Habit a fantastic blogger- one of the best knitbloggers in my opinion- but this particular post pretty much demonstrates exactly what would have to be done to get me to willingly see a Twilight movie.

But more importantly, as far as my own post is concerned, it also demonstrates exactly how I feel about Malabrigo.

I realize that not all of my readers are going to be knitters, so I had planned to sort of reveal the all-consuming obsession slowly, but it can't be helped. I love Malabrigo.

You would too, if you felt it. Plus, the colors. Ohhh, the colors. They're so lovely. I think Velvet Grapes is my favorite. And it knits up so pretty. And so soft. And so squishy.

It's marvelous. I'm even knitting a scarf out of it right now. A scarf which I mostly cast on just because I was in the mood to be knitting with Malabrigo. I'm not even exaggerating. It's that good.

Get yourself to a yarn shop, find yourself some Malabrigo, and fondle it. Fondle the heck out of it. Because Malabrigo, I want to have your babies. Yarny, squishy, fondly marvelous Malabrigo babies.

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