Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In which I take a break from my sock knitting to say...

I never promised you a rose garden.

Ok, not really. Not that I did, because I have no interest in gardening, and it's freaking hot out right now, so there's no way I'm going out there and working in the yard.

What I really was going to say was that I never promised you an objective blog. This isn't "We all agree we'd collectively like to have this thing's babies." This is "I want to have your babies." So I realize I may be alone in my love for things.

Remember when I said I was at least making some small attempt to hold the knitting obsession at bay? I lied. I can't do it.

The yarny goodness. It has me in its grasp.

But today's topic is yarny goodness tied in with drinking, so at least there's that for the rest of you. And if you're a non-drinker, non-knitter, then I don't know if we can play together.

On to the actual topic!

Who doesn't love a good drinking game? Every time Sheldon says "Bazinga," you take a drink. Stuff like that. It's fun, and if you're watching the episode with the scene in the ball pit, it's also a really good way to get really smashed, really fast.

A while back I heard of a fantastic drinking game for one of my favorite movies, "Clue." Now there's a movie I could have babies with. Madeleine Kahn alone is enough to make me squee with delight. I freaking love that movie. And now I have this drinking game. At the time, I thought it was the best drinking game I'd ever heard of. You pick a character, a weapon, and a room (Mrs. White, in the dining room, with the candlestick). And then you take a drink every time they say your character's name, go in your room, or show a close up of your weapon. Word to the wise: don't pick the hall. You'd be hammered long before they even get to the multiple endings where they're running up and down and up and down the hall, which would then kill you with alcohol poisoning. Don't. Pick. The hall.

But yesterday, I was listening to yet another podcast I love (this time it was The Electric Sheep, from the fabulous Hoxton Handmade). She was talking about something she heard of from yet another knitter (we're a tight group, us knitters, always passing around each other's ideas and blogs and whatnot). Said other knitter is the truly awesome Leethal, and her truly awesome idea of game knitting. It's just like drinking games, but instead of taking a shot, you do something to change your knitting. You switch colors, or switch from knit stitches to purl, or cross a cable. And it sounds like such a fantastic idea to me! I have every intention of knitting a cowl this way. I just have to pick a movie and some yarn and get knitting! I love it.

And I've veered all over the place in my enthusiasm tonight, so I'm not even sure who or what I want to have babies with, but believe me, there will be baby-making. Most likely of the drunken, yarny-goodness kind. The best kind of all.

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