Thursday, July 15, 2010

The dream team of snackage

So have you tried the new pretzel M&Ms yet? I'm thoroughly enjoying them so far. I'm not totally convinced just yet that they're worthy of fostering future generations of weird, sugary confection/human hybrids. But on the other hand, I've already gone through two of the big bags, so that's definitely a check in the yes column.

I have long lamented the sadly discontinued crispy M&Ms. They were my favorite. I ate so many. And I loved that one commercial with Patrick Warburton, when he chastised them for eating their own kind. Candy cannibalism. Hilarious.

Pretzel M&Ms are almost just like them, but with a little salty flavor thrown in. It seems like the more I eat, the more I want to eat. They're delicious little crunchy tidbits of goodness. Salty and sweet, an unstoppable combination of snacking delight.

So, I'm not sure yet, pretzel M&Ms, but I'm willing to at least flirt a little. And maybe down the road, there will be talk of babies. Signs are very good.

I'm gonna need to get another bag of those soon.

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