Friday, July 23, 2010

A different sort of delicious

Today I got my hair trimmed by the girl who always does it. I like her because she's really nice, and she's really quiet in a way that doesn't make me feel uncomfortable for being really quiet. It seems like everyone but me chats to the person cutting their hair, and I never know what to say to this near stranger who I see once maybe every two months, so I like that I don't feel awkward not talking to her. Plus, she's really good about not yanking on my hair, as I'm still tender-headed, in some weird childhood holdout of mine. Sometimes, when it's more tangly than usual, she'll even just hand me a comb and let me do it myself, which is so much better than the alternative of her having to yank on my hair, and me making her feel guilty by wincing, and me feeling guilty for making her feel guilty.


Today she used this peppermint shampoo that was amazing. First it made my scalp all tingly, and now my hair smells delicious. Can I just cancel all my plans for the evening and enjoy the smell of my hair all night instead?

This is something I never expected to say, on this blog or anywhere else, but I want to have babies with the smell of my own hair right now.

Is that weird?

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