Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Like Julia says...

Holy monkeys, it's been a crazy month. One month to the day since I moved back to New Mexico. I love this crazy place.

So at the moment my brain is a wee bit too scattered to come up with a whole, cohesive post. But I can think of one thing.

I have a full belly. Two weeks ago, we moved into our apartment. And even though there's still plenty of stuff in boxes, and we hardly have any furniture, I'm still loving it. I have a kitchen of my own again, in which I made a casserole, and tomato basil soup tonight. Earlier this week, I made meat loaf for the first time. Next week, I'm going to make gingerbread to bring into the office.

So even though it's small, and just barely adequately supplied, and it only has an electric stove (gas is sooooo much better!), I still love it.

I wanna have babies with cooking. With trying out new recipes that sound tasty, and give you a fully, happy belly, and fill your home with fantastic smells. It's so lovely.

Go cook something delicious.

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