Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The only way this day could have ended

It has been a heck of a day. Seriously. Just nonsensically insane. Monstrous ups and downs.

So to unwind, I hopped on my dad's ancient bike that he gave me. I mean it, this thing's old. He told me he rode it when he was in college. And I've now grown up and finished college. Over two years ago.

Surprisingly, other than needing a little work here and there, the bike's in pretty good condition.

After two laps in the fading sunlight around my little school's campus (the school where I now work, which, incidentally, is also my alma mater), I felt much better. Sweaty and dusty, with bike grease on my leg, but better.

I said hi to the nice lady leaving the tennis center. I saw a bunny. I scared a flock of birds, twice. I rode and gazed up at the mountains. I passed another guy on a bike who said, "Beautiful night for a ride, isn't it?"

It completely is.

I want to have babies with this night.

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