Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet, chocolatey balm for the soul

Today's subject is another one that has sort of a sub-category, as there's one particular kind that I love above all others at the moment.

Are you all familiar with Blue Bell ice cream? I'm aware that it's sort of a regional thing, even if that region has expanded a whole lot in the last few years. Luckily, I was born and raised in Texas, where it's made and available in great, delicious abundance. I never suffered a shortage of the best vanilla ice cream there ever was until I left the state for college. Which made me sad. Seriously, I was just one state over, and I'd already managed to find it on vacation in Florida by then! How does New Mexico not have Blue Bell?

I've gotten off track.

This ice cream is crazy good stuff. If you can get some, go get some right now. If you can't, go book a plane ticket to Texas. Anywhere in Texas.

In all honesty, I fully believe that their Homemade Vanilla is the best vanilla ice cream on the planet. It's the only vanilla ice cream I actually willingly eat as is, because most vanilla is - brace yourself- boring. Bet you didn't see that opinion coming. But not this vanilla. It's so wonderful.

It's not my favorite flavor of theirs, though. My favorite flavor used to be Chocolate Covered Cherries. It was chocolate ice cream with a fudge swirl and these little chocolate covered cherry candy things, not that they contained actual cherries or anything. But it was delicious. And I haven't seen it in years. I think they discontinued it, which sort of breaks my heart.

But lo- there is a new flavor called Groom's Cake, which comes remarkably close to it. Close enough that it's my new favorite. It's chocolate ice cream with a strawberry swirl, brownie bits (which I guess are supposed to be cake, but they seem awfully brownie to me), and heart-shaped chocolate covered strawberry candy things.

It's like they're saying, sorry we took away the cherry things, Kat, since we know you like cherry better, but here- have some cake (brownie) bits to sweeten the deal.

Which works for me. It's so yummy. And since this week has actually stepped up its efforts to chew up my soul and spit it out into the depths of the Bog of Eternal Stench, I plan to go have some right now.

With that, I will just say, Blue Bell Groom's Cake, and indeed Blue Bell in general, I want to have your babies.

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